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Dr. Omar Z. Ameer is an assistant professor of pharmacology at Macquarie University and holds a Ph.D. in advanced medicine. Dr. Omar Z. Ameer has considerable pre-clinical research experience spanning... Read More

A professor at Alfaisal University is named Edreese Alsharaeh. Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, is where she obtained her doctorate. He has additionally written research articles on chemistry-related subjects.... Read More

Software engineering classes are conducted by prof. Nidal Nasser. At the 2008 ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications, he was given a prize for writing the best research... Read More

Prof. Lotfi Tadj | Research Papers on Industrial Engineering

Lotfi Tadj is a Ph.D. expert and a professor of industrial engineering. The operations research programme, Florida Institute of Technology, and Melbourne have all published journal publications on industrial engineering.... Read More

assistant professor of marketing Abdel Monim Shaltoni. He obtained his doctorate in e-marketing from the University of Birmingham. Shelton is proficient in both online sales and marketing.... Read More

Hesham Albarrak | Research Papers on Accounting

Hesham Albarrak has a Ph.D. in accounting from Griffith University and is an assistant professor of accounting. Accounting research papers have been written by Professor Hesham Albarak.... Read More

As an assistant professor, Dr. Sheraz Alam Malik teaches operations & project management. Sheraz has worked on research articles for scholarly journals, talking with colleagues from a range of academic... Read More

Multilimited | Empowering Success Through Innovative Solutions

Multilimited empowering businesses and individuals with innovative solutions. Explore our cutting-edge technologies and shape the future. Combining innovative technology with strategic thinking to deliver high-quality digital solutions that help businesses... Read More

Roll-up standees are an excellent choice for trade shows, retail spaces, and any other location where you want to attract potential customers' attention. They are easy to transport and set up... Read More

Rafal Company for Commercial Services Ltd. is a marketing and advertising powerhouse that offers businesses with best creative and unconventional masterstroke solutions. Through advertising and marketing, our team is dedicated... Read More