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"Matter Matters" is a comprehensive overview of one of the world's oldest religious movements, Paganism. It explores the common practices, traditions, and core beliefs of this earth-centric form of spirituality,... Read More

One mentor, Dr Stan Miller, asked pam to put some of her poetry into book form, Specifically a “Coffee Table Book”. He indicated many people struggle but not all have... Read More

"Professor Emir Cruz Fernández is the author of Muslims of Spain, Marvel Education, and the much-anticipated The Stoic Educator, not to mention a fan of everything related to culture. Emir... Read More

While it is important to remember the Second World War as written in historical novels such as Virginia R. Degner’s family book, it is also important to recall its tragedies. In... Read More

Emily Buchanan has lost everything that she loves in a tragic car accident. She has nowhere to turn until she has an old friend to make contact with her, about... Read More

Islamic books play a crucial role in preserving, disseminating, and elucidating the teachings of Islam, offering a rich tapestry of knowledge, spirituality, and guidance for millions of followers worldwide. Ranging... Read More

Love transcends the bounds of race and any of life’s distinctive aspects. As transracial adoption becomes more common, what are possible problems these families can face? Parents are society’s unsung... Read More

Anwar Masood, a maestro of Urdu poetry and humor, has left an indelible imprint on literary enthusiasts with his timeless works. Within the enchanting world of Anwar Masood's books, the... Read More

Umera Ahmed, a luminary in Pakistani literature, has etched a distinguished mark with her novels that intricately weave together themes of human resilience, societal complexities, and spiritual evolution. In the... Read More

Sumaira Hameed, the renowned Pakistani novelist, has seamlessly woven a narrative that extends beyond the conventional in her novels, introducing readers to intriguing characters like Nusraa. Within the vivid tapestry... Read More