About Us

BookmarkSet.com allows subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as they saved, shared, and tagged by other users. It helps to promote your sites by networking with other social bookmarkers and collaborating with each other. As these services have matured and grown more popular, we have added extra features such as ratings and comments on bookmarks, the ability to import and export bookmarks from browsers, emailing of bookmarks, web annotation, and groups or other social network features.

You can even search through what people have bookmarked by typing in what you are looking for in the search tool. In fact, our social bookmarking sites used as intelligent search engines. We provide ways and process to save specific web page to a bookmarking platform so you can revisit it later. In recent years, our social bookmarking services have transformed into dynamic online communities where users not only share and discuss links, but form discussion groups based on mutual interests. Unlike file sharing, social bookmarking does not save the resources themselves, merely bookmarks that reference them, i.e. a link to the bookmarked page.

Please Contact Us for more information regarding us and services we offer. Meanwhile, you can follow us using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!