Your Clinical Efficiency Can Be Improved By Electronic Health Record Software

Physicians of specialization feel they are working either on full capacity or extended hours. Burnout feeling increases day-by-day and doctors started to feel stressed that resulting in productivity. A survey says that 65% of doctors feel now they are overworking than the time they started their career. It means physicians work longer in documentation and paperwork instead of seeing more patients deeply.

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When Electronic Health Record Software was introduced, it gave the advantage of digitizing patient records for easy and longer access. When the administrative burden is inserted into the application then patient-physician communication is required. Government protocols are strict and not following them could lead to decreased revenue and no tax incentives.

Electronic Health Record Software can improve the clinical efficiency of individual practice, smaller clinics, and large organizations. Cloud-based EHRs are smartly designed with user-easiness as a priority. It saves valuable time when efficient features are introduced for the right situations.

Drag-and-Drop Option

The software has a drag-and-drop option to improve the easiness of document creation from existing ones or a new one. You can access all patient medical documents in the patient summary section and newly uploaded documents are found easily. This can save you more time by uploading multiple documents in a single click (20 at a time).

The uploading status for each document clearly shows like any other online platform. Electronic Health Record Software does not just have a group upload option, but also it supports editing multiple documents from old documents and send directly to patient portals.

Redirect Phone Calls with In-app Messaging

When physicians receive patient phone calls, it can take a tremendous amount of time and drain them completely in doing the next simultaneous tasks. Instead of answering patient inquiries multiple times, empower them to check Patient Portal.