What are the different types of Window Boxes?

There are several different types of window boxes available, each with its own unique features and advantages. Here are some of the common types of window boxes:

Full-Panel Window Boxes: Full-panel window boxes have a large transparent window that covers a significant portion of the box's front panel. This type of window box provides maximum visibility and allows for a complete view of the product inside.
Half-Panel Window Boxes: Half-panel window boxes have a smaller transparent window that covers only a portion of the box's front panel. The window is typically positioned at the top or bottom of the box, leaving space for branding or additional design elements.
Die-Cut Window Boxes: Die-cut window boxes feature a window that is custom-shaped or designed with intricate patterns. The window is created using a precise cutting technique, adding visual interest and uniqueness to the packaging. Die-cut window boxes can have various shapes such as circles, ovals, hearts, or even custom shapes that align with the product or brand.