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ABAYA WATER TAPS is a product of Arkay Plastics, which is time-honored and ongoing in expedition itself for a decade, as a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of water taps. We are well-known amongst the highly reputed TamilNadu based aqua taps company. Commencing our outstanding collection of aqua taps which includes Sink Tap, Star Delux Tap, Star T Handle, Star Delux Long Tap, Star Long Tap T Handle, Fancy Tap, Fancy T Handle, Hero Hose Tap, Hero Long Tap, Hero Tap, Dharani Short Tap, Dharani Long Tap, Abinaya Hose Tap, Abinaya Long Tap, Abinaya ShortTap, Fancy Lift Tap(3/8) and many more. The company is gone forward in the highly competitive market as a manufacturing company of aqua taps. We have a well-settled Coimbatore based manufacturing unit that is fully equipped with the latest machinery and testing equipment

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