Tyvek Sterilization Roll and Pouches Singapore

Tyvek Sterilization Roll and Pouches

Tyvek® is a special kind of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), non-woven fabric, which is a proprietary product owned and manufactured exclusively by DuPont worldwide. The uniqueness of the fabric lies in its complex structure, which prevents micro-organisms from passing through it as well as provides excellent tear resistance and tensile strength.

Tyvek® sterilization rolls (reels) and pouches are manufactured using this special Tyvek® grade fabric. The Tyvek® fabric comes in multiple grades, but the most commonly used and available grades for sterilization purposes are Tyvek® 2FS and Tyvek® 1073B grade

In compliance with EN 868-9, M-Kube is glad to offer these special purpose sterilization reels and pouches manufactured with:

Uncoated DuPontTMTyvek® fabric on one side and
A transparent copolymer film of PET/PE on the other side for VHP/Plasma sterilization
These pouches come with non-toxic indicator inks that help us to differentiate between non-sterilized and sterilized pouches. There are different indicators for different types of sterilization techniques, depending on whether they are Ethylene Oxide(EO) gas based sterilization or Steam Sterilization or Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization or E Beam sterilization

M-Kube’s Tyvek® Sterilization Pouches and Reels (Rolls) undergo lot of stringent Quality tests Checkpoints including seal strength test, fibre tear test, shrinkage test and burst test, to ensure the best level of performance during Sterilization, in addition to the safety of the product or medical device packed inside.