Orange, which is considered as the world's most beautiful duck, is native to China and Japan.
The amazing feathers of Drach Mandarin have made it the favorite of an artist, and it is widely shown in oriental art.
In the middle of the 18th century, the first mandirdins were imported into Britain, but it was not until when the wild animals started to escape collection in the 1930s.
In order to survive, the birds did so with the collection of Alfred Ezra in Foxwarn Park near Cobb in Surrey, and this area remains one of the strongholds of the Mendians in England.
Mandarines are in favor of small wild ponds and avoid large bodies of lakes or open water.
They are very psychological flyers, who are able to fly through the trees with remarkable agility.
They often peel in trees, while women select a hole or cavity in a tree stem, in which they have to lay eggs.
The lack of natural nest places and competing with Jacques and Squirrels limit the population's expansion, but they will easily adopt suitable nests boxes.
After taking the eggs, Duckling jumps to the ground: their alcoholic and lightly ensure that injuries are abnormal.
Once the mother has gathered her baby, she takes them straight into the water
It was long believed that the British population – now about 8,000 birds – was of international importance, but the first undiscovered population in China has been discovered, so this duck was thought once.
It is considered as a symbol of long-lasting allegiance in its original Chinese heritage and was added to the bride on her wedding day.