The Same Size Eyeglasses Frame To Strengthen The Contour Of The Larger Eyes Wearers

Referring to the theory of contrast, if the outer corner of the eye is sagging, in a sense, a triangular or drooping eye, the lens should not choose an upturned shape, otherwise under the contrast effect, the sagging feeling will be even more severe.

Similarly, for upward-looking eyes, do not choose drooping glasses, otherwise, it will appear even more exaggerated. The width of the square face cheeks is similar to the width of the forehead and chin, and the contour lines are distinct. For added softness, circular or browline frame glasses are a good choice as they can balance facial structure and make the overall appearance more harmonious.

The characteristic of a heart-shaped face is a wider forehead and a pointed chin. You can consider choosing glasses that match the width of the lower part of the face, such as metal circle glasses men's frames, or butterfly glasses that lean downwards, to balance the proportion of the upper and lower parts of the face.

Using the theory of repetition, when your eyes are relatively ideal for a round and full shape, we should echo this beautiful point and choose a frame of the same size to strengthen the contour of the larger eyes. This will make the eyes more beautiful, large, and lively.

Slender eyes are also based on the theory of repetition. The effect of repetition is aggravation. We should repeat the beautiful lines and not repeat the unattractive points. It is already a slender eye, and then choose a slender frame to repeat the shortcomings and make the eyes smaller and thinner.