SMS vs MMS: Key differences you need to know

You might not even be aware that SMS and MMS messages are different because, like other phones, yours likely combines them into a single, seamless timeline. It can be similar to receiving an MMS to receive an SMS. However, understanding the distinctions between SMS and MMS is crucial for effective team and client communication when text messaging is used for business. Bulk SMS messages can only contain 160 characters, which, as previously mentioned, may be fewer if special characters or emojis are used. Carriers may have different MMS character limits, although contemporary VoIP phones, like OpenPhone, may allow texts with up to 1,600 characters. The reliability of SMS communications is its saving grace. The top VoIP systems and nearly all current cell phones allow SMS gateway, which can increase the delivery rate of your business texts. Although MMS is supported by Android and iPhones, not all smartphones do. Deliverability problems may result from sending an MMS to a phone number that is unable to receive MMS messages.