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Security cameras and everything you need to know about them:
Technology has made our lives easier in every possible way.

One of these possibilities is the invention, manufacture and delivery of surveillance cameras.

Security cameras
The guards' job has been taken over by a simple, tiny device that is most certainly ensuring that whatever we're keeping an eye on is literally safe.

What is a security camera?
A surveillance camera is such a device that is used to keep an eye on the surroundings of the place where the camera is installed: it watches and records us as we go about our daily life. Surveillance cameras are used by all institutions, companies or organizations, even private individuals sometimes use surveillance cameras for their security. Crime-fighting authorities, both private and government, have access to all of this footage and footage.

Security Camera

With every day that goes by, surveillance cameras become more advanced and sophisticated. There are now cameras with high resolution night vision or infrared vision. Some cameras can record a 360 ° view. We also know that some can be connected over the Internet; some have advanced facial recognition technology, while others have the ability to recognize or read vehicle license plates.

Types of surveillance cameras
There are a wide variety of security cameras on the market including:

Dome cameras
1. Dome cameras : These indoor cameras are mostly mounted on walls. Its shape helps confuse people as to which side it is facing.

2. PTZ cameras : Unlike most other surveillance cameras, which are generally immobile, PTZ cameras are so named because of their functions. They are remote controlled cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom in either direction as needed.

3. Bullet cameras : They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are tubular and compact, easy to transport and install.

4. Mobile surveillance towers / masts : 25 foot poles with multiple surveillance cameras mounted or trailers with PTZ came

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