How many types of dhoti are there in India? – Dhoti for men

8 Different Types Of Dhotis:
1) The Bengali Kochano Dhuti
2) The Maharashtrian Dhotar
3) The Punjabi Chadra
4) Vaishnava Hare Krishna Dhoti
5) Rajasthani Dulangi Dhoti
6) The Kannada Kache Panche Dhoti
7) The Telugu Pancha Dhoti
8) The Tamil Veshti Vetti Dhoti

What is the purpose of a dhoti?

Dhoti is a word that originated from the Sanskrit word Dhauta. It was also marked as the traditional wear by several leading Indian politicians across the Indian subcontinent. Initially, it was worn only with a kurta. The dhoti was also considered to be an attire that commanded respect and dignity.