Global Industrial metrology Market

Global Industrial metrology Market is majorly segmented by offering, equipment, end-user industry, and application. By offering, the market is segmented as Hardware, Software, Solutions, Services, After-Sales Services, and Measurement Services. By equipment, the market is segmented as Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Fixed CMM, Bridge CMM, Gantry CMM, Horizontal Arm CMM, Cantilever CMM, Portable CMM, Articulated Arm CMM, Optical Digitizer and Scanner (ODS), Laser Scanner, Laser Tracker, Measuring Instruments, Measuring Microscope, Profile Projector, Autocollimator, X-Ray and Computed Tomography, Automated Optical Inspection, and 2D Equipment. Industrial metrology is applied in different applications including Quality Control and Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Mapping and Modelling, and Other Applications. The market is also segmented by end-user industries, which include Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, and Others.

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