Fast Track Your Business Reach With QR Codes

QR codes are incredibly valuable for any business looking to expand its brand reach. The implementation of the two-dimensional barcode helps facilitate a convenient rapport with customers looking to engage with your brand online store builder.

Scanning the QR code will direct a customer to your business website or to a PDF catalog, they can even be prompted to reach you by calling your phone number or sending a text message digital store builder.

The QR code does away with the need to type lengthy URLs, providing complete information to the prospect with ease, and in real quick time.

Users on Topiko are empowered to create customized QR codes for their business. The multifunctionality character of the codes are an important facet for a business, small or big. It is an indispensable attribute for a digital representation of a business best entrepreneur app.

As an example, let’s assume that you own a restaurant offering take-away services, and you want to direct customers to a digital version of your menu, all they need to do is scan the QR code on their smartphone and access the digital menu.

In a similar way, if your business has exhibited products in a trade-show, putting up the QR code on the product will provide visitors additional information about the products in view.

Many e-tailers have adopted the QR code as a convenient mode to process digital payments. This explains the wide-ranging attributes of the code which can be explored by businesses in many ways to drive user engagement best entrepreneur app.

Another important facility for business users on Topiko is the Multi-Url QR code, in a country as diverse as India, the Multi-URL QR code will enable a business to use a single QR code that will redirect users to language specific URLs automatically, based on the location of the users and the language settings on their smart phone.