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Electronic payment is a game-changer for any business. It offers customers a seamless buying experience, offering them the convenience of multiple payment options.
Digital payments can also help to prevent revenue leakage caused by fraud, theft, and fake notes as well as the transport and operational costs of keeping large amounts and transporting them to the bank.
With simple and inexpensive electronic payment solutions available for sellers today, there’s no reason for you not to provide your customers with electronic payment options.
If you’re a business owner in Nigeria and Kenya, worried that setting up electronic payment for your business is an expensive and difficult task, let us help you shatter that misconception with these four excellent easy-to-setup electronic payment solutions from Tingg.
Top Electronic Payment Solutions Available in Nigeria and Kenya
1. Instore POS-Free Electronic Payment Solution
If your business operates a physical store, you might think the only way to accept cashless digital payments from your customers is by setting up a POS point in your store.
Wrong! Tingg is a cashless payment solution for business owners in Nigeria and Kenya. Tingg can help you receive in-store payments from various methods including Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, USSD, QR and Mobile Money.
All you need to do is visit tingg.africa and set up a store for your business. Tingg then lets you generate a payment link to share with customers whenever they want to make a payment.
Tingg also allows you to view all your collections from multiple payment methods from a single dashboard.

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