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Nala Robotics is the First AI and ML Powered Multi Cuisine Automated Robot Chef use Machine Learning to Cook Infinite Recipes Replicated with Exact Precision Anytime, Anywhere.It gets better and... Read More

Introducing Pizzaiola, a fully automated Multi Cuisine Robotic Pizza Maker. A Fully Autonomous Pizzeria Restaurant , 7-axis robotic chef & kitchen within a 12’ x 12’ footprint that provides... Read More

THe WINGman, A Fully Automated AI enabled Frying solution that can cook chicken wings, tenders, fries, nuggets, and many more from breading to frying, tossing and saucing.Frying solution “The Wingman" is the... Read More

Nala Robotics is the World's First AI Enabled Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen. We Leverages Robotic Technology and Proprietary AI and ML to Revolutionize the Culinary Industry With always-on vison and... Read More