Author: Aqozatechh

The odour generating area in a wastewater treatment plant are wastewater collection systems and sludge treatment area. Collection system includes sewage receiving channels, screening, grit removal and collection sump. Sludge... Read More

Corrosion control units and corrosion monitoring units are designed to control equipment failures and reduce downtime. Whatever kind of corrosion monitoring unit we employ we must get data that proves... Read More

Continuous discharge of odour emissions from treatment plants has become the big-name in the category of air/odour pollution. These pungent gases around the wastewater facilities, cause dreadful health problems, public... Read More

Wastewater odour removal can be achieved through a variety of methods, including chemical treatments, biological treatments, and physical/mechanical treatments. Chemical treatments involve the use of deodorizing agents, such as chlorine... Read More