Artificial Intelligence And Data Science Course

Data science is the study of data to gain important business ideas. It is a collaborative method that integrates ideas and techniques from computer science, ai, mathematics, statistics, and engineering to evaluate huge amounts of data. Also, a job in data science offers better opportunities and more salaries.
1stepGrow is one of the best data science courses in India and worldwide. Python data science courses are available in famous cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, and many more places. Our data science courses are designed by IT experts and currently working professionals in the same field.
Our Advanced-Data Science curriculum covers topics such as Introduction to Data Science, Analytics & AI, GitHub, Core Python Programming, Python Advance, Web Scraping Using Python, Python Programming For Data Science, Statistics & Probability For Data Science, Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning & Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Database Management, Advance Excel For Data Science, BI Tools, Big Data, Cloud Deployment, AGILE & SCRUM, Domain Specialization: Application In Different Industry.
So, here you will get real-time skills in the best online data science course, practical training, and interview preparation. Their trainers work for companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Cloudera, Cognizant, Nielsen, Samsung.

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