Ambulance Service in Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali

The Ambulance Services run by the Fortis Hospital of Phase 8 Mohali, in association with the Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali, provide swift and professional medical assistance. Mohali can be proud of having Fortis Hospital phase 8, highly recognized for its most innovative features in healthcare, and a highly professional staff. 

The operations of our ambulance service are maintained in synergy with Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali features the latest medical equipment and a personnel of qualified paramedics and emergency medical technicians. From the patient undergoing a medical emergency, to the significantly distressed one, or to the one in a critical situation needing quick and safe transfer, our service prerogative is solely on safety, efficiency, and expertise. 

Taking people's lives as the focal point, Mohali Ambulance Service pledges to join hands to make prompt medical attention and conditioned transportation possible with Fortis Hospital Phase 8 to give the patients the most immediate and decent treatment. Our Ambulance Service in Fortis Hospital Phase 8 Mohali and nearby environs is here to provide swift and compassionate care to you, or your loved ones, in times of crisis. Emergency Care Service of Fortis Hospital located at Phase 8 Mohali.